Sounds of Suid Tronica. Vol. 1

Sounds of Suid Tronica // Vol 1

Our first compilation offers you an absorbing insight into the tastes and sonic territories of Suid Tronica. With 15 tracks from a wide range of local and international artists, it aims to open up new worlds of listening knowledge. The compilation consists of musicians, producers and singers who are avidly contributing to the multi dimensional musical landscape in a way that consciously develops and invigorates the listener – Infusing something that speaks to home, unique sounds are exposed where electronica is juxtaposed alongside soulful yet experimental textures, moving from downtempo to into more high energy and Gqom influences. A unique blend of South African flavor emerges with the dexterity to be experienced in a bedroom or on a dance floor.

Sound of Suid Tronica Live Sets

Jumping Back Slash

Here we have the recording of Jumping Back Slash’s immense Live set from Inner City. Outer space. presents Sound of Suid Tronica. JBS captivated his audience with this high-energy, hypnotic and penetrating sound set.

Thor Rixon

His Live set was nothing short of brilliance, bringing his new setup filled with analog gear and stacks of original material, the minute the first kick drum dropped, it was clear the attention of the audience was locked in and fully engaged as Thor painted this incredible live tapestry!


We couldn’t of thought of a more fitting way to end of a wild night of Live sets, Cthulhu played this powerful closing set that really showcases her diversity and unique take as a Dj.

Leeu - Best Friends (Original Mix)

Leeu - Best Friends (Original Mix)

There is an inherent rebellion against complacency and prescribed expectation in Leeu’s approach to making music. In a career where substance far outweighs expanse, Leeu has managed to garner his impact to full effect. Every performance strikes a balance between sheer escapist euphoria and deftly curated live showcases of the depth, intricacies and dimensions of his music. Characteristics that have raised his art above the din, nurtured admiration amongst his peers and welcomed him on to the stages of the most prestigious clubs and venues both locally and internationally.